O Great Mystery, Great Spirit, Wise Protectors of the four directions, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, ancestors who walked the earth before me, hear my voice!

I pray, humbly, to thank you for all that has been given to us. I pray to thank you for the gift of life, for the spiritual practice and teaching, and for the spiritual lineages that have allowed us to receive these teachings.

I pray to thank you for all those who help us, for our families, for the peace and abundance that exists in our land, for the food, clothing and homes we are blessed with today.

I thank you for the trials that are sent to me, for all the lessons that life gives me and for these days when I share what I have learned…


A shaman is a mediator between the spirits (and the subtle worlds) and humans. This is the deep meaning of this word of Siberian origin (shaman comes etymologically from the Tungus language).

Whatever the time and civilization, shamanic practices have been observed among all indigenous and aboriginal peoples, so shamanism can be seen as universal…

What this site offers

The trainings that Eagle Blue offers here, transmit the teachings he received from the North American Native elders who initiated him. For several years, Aigle Bleu was filmed during trainings conducted on weekends of 2 to 4 days. The camera took the place of a participant in the teaching circle.

To watch the videos today is to enter a talking circle in which a place is yours.

The basic tools and notions necessary to approach the online teachings are offered free of charge. The progressive teachings are transmitted through videos presented chronologically are paying.

A path of discovery opens up for you. This path is called the red path or the path of beauty.

The entire Ancestral Knowledge team wishes you a wonderful journey!

Blue Eagle’s values

Blue Eagle is a man who lives by values and principles.

These are an integral part of what he conveys. Some are perhaps most significant:

  • The responsibility for one’s own health,
  • The sacred and respect for tradition,
  • The commitment,
  • The preservation of Mother Earth through family domains.

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The team around Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle is no longer alone in running the site or organizing its activities. We are a team of Certified Shamanic Practitioners by him (CCP), at the end of the “Let’s Create the World” training given over 4 years from 2013 to 2017. 

During this training, Blue Eagle passed on so much of what he himself had received, understood and integrated. “Let’s Create the World” is for people on a spiritual journey, looking for another way to perceive the world, to communicate with it, to take care of one’s global health… Not all students are called to perform daily shamanic practices, but all will be touched by the authenticity and truthfulness of the teachings.

There are several of us who practice regularly, if not daily, what Blue Eagle has passed on to us. The community we form is now ready to support you if the teaching path proposed by Blue Eagle calls you.