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Native American Crystal Healing - Part 1

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About the Course

First Nations teachings have always been passed down through word of mouth, until recently. Blue Eagle has been given permission from his elders to commit these teachings to writing so as to correct some “new age” misinformation, in particular what is referred to as the “power of the crystal”.  Working with crystals requires a lot of spiritual energy and focus.  Crystals do not decide what they are amplifying – they are not doing the work, they are used to amplify your energy. 


Of course, there are many things that crystals naturally do and in order to uncover some of the mysteries of this age-old science, which can be of great benefit to many people, Blue Eagle will present traditional philosophies and methods in order for us to better understand and work with energy and crystals. 


There are two different approaches, or paths, to this kind of work that Blue Eagle works with and teaches.  We will get both, including:

  • that of the shamanic work, which many First Nations and particularly the Apache use, having a shamanic relationship to a specific stone, dealing with the spirit of the stone,
  • and that of the Mound Builders – the Cherokee, Navaho, Hopi and Maya who had ceremonial structures and a more organized spirituality. They played with the science of crystals, of organized matter – amplifying, organizing and focusing energy.

Course Aim

The objective is to bring the student to apprehend the crystals as living beings with which he can enter in relation and works, among other things to improve his health or preserve it.


Lectures—5 classes for 8 hours total of live ZOOM talks recorded in May 2020 and now streamed here.

  •  2 hours initial meeting with opening ceremony.
  •  4 talks of 90 minutes.
  •  The last talk will have a closing ceremony to establish these teachings for you at a cellular level and seal the teachings in each of you.

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