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Teaching Content

Let’s start with the basics

  • The ancestral teachings are received and transmitted orally, understood through practice and integrated through repetition in daily life.
  • It is necessary to strengthen one’s physical body and nourish the emotional and mental when awakening spiritually.
  • It is important to strengthen one’s will and self-awareness before traveling to the perfect world of Ungawi (the world of ideal form).
  • Blue Eagle does not address the terms world above or world below.
  • The notion of Giving/Receiving is a primary notion. One of the first recommended exercises is to experience the ritual of daily offering during the time of a moon (28 days).
  • As a co-creator with nature that awakens and reveals its teachings, it is our responsibility to practice and make good use of the concepts received.
  • The red path is not easy. One must be careful with one’s spiritual ego. It travels more or less slowly and begins irrevocably not the understanding and integration of concepts such as the circle of speech, archetypes of directions, what is a human being, the circle of all our relationships, etc.
  • Originally the teachings were given in community which was the place of sharing and support so that everyone could find their place according to their abilities. This is the goal that some alumni seek to achieve by meeting regularly so that this community, even virtual, can support each of us in our personal evolution.

Support for students

  • 30 min interview with Blue Eagle is included in some training.
  • Certified Shamanic Practitioners are available to support newcomers.
  • Questions can be asked at any time, via comments during the time you are accessing the trainings.


The instruction consists of

  • Stories, Tales, Legends, and Oracles,
  • Chants,
  • Meditations,
  • Physical exercises and dances,
  • Shamanic care,
  • Shamanic journeys,
  • Ceremonies and Rituals,
  • Experiments and Do-It-Yourself Practices,
  • Music therapy sessions
  • etc…

Topics covered include:

  • The offerings and prayer,
  • The concept of co-creation
  • The ecology,
  • The community
  • The circle
  • The guardian spirits
  • The music therapy,
  • The crystals
  • General concepts of the traditional Aboriginal way of life,
  • The family,
  • Rites and ceremonies of passage,
  • The equinoxes and solstices,
  • The sweat lodges,
  • The sacred fires,
  • The totem animals,
  • The medicine wheel,
  • and many more …