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Giving Thanks

To pray in the ancestral traditions is to give thanks for what we have, to thank for all the abundance we receive every day.

Making offerings is the first prayer we learn to do. Traditionally offerings are made with tobacco, corn meal, sacred herbs but also by taking a small part of our own food to give to nature.

What we offer to give thanks must be of the best quality, so we will use organic products or the best parts of our food.

Apache Morning Prayer

O Great Mystery, Great Spirit, Wise Protectors of the four directions, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, ancestors who walked the earth before me, hear my voice!

I pray, humbly, to thank you for all that has been given to us. I pray to thank you for the gift of life, for the spiritual practice and teaching, and for the spiritual lineages that have allowed us to receive these teachings. I pray to thank you for all those who help us, for our families, for the peace and abundance that exists in our land, for the food, clothing and homes we are blessed with today.

I thank you for the trials that are sent to me, for all the lessons that life gives me and for these days when I share what I have learned. I pray that you bless the Most Holy Mother Earth, the valleys, the mountains and plains, the streams, the rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the clouds and the rain, the fires, the volcanoes and the lightning and the winds from the twelve directions.

Bless the bones of Mother Earth, the crystals, stones, rocks and metals, the hair of Mother Earth, the vegetables, the fruits, the trees, the plants, the herbs, the seaweeds and the forests and the children of Mother Earth, those who fly in the air, swim in the waters, crawl on the earth, the quadrupeds and the insects.

Bless those who have left this world to find their way into the light and those who are not yet born to find a land where the air is good to breathe and the water good to drink.

Bless those who will study on this site.

This is my song, my prayer.

For all my relations!